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I think I learnt more in that course than any other that I have attended over the last three years.

It was well organised, well laid out and Clinton knew his subject - always a refreshing change as not all instructors have actual hands on experience.

Complete Automotive Repairs and Servicing

The course was very informative and covered a lot of material.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, not to mention how well it was presented which included a lot of real world examples.

RB Auto

I really enjoyed the course and found it extremely informative and learnt a whole heap of things that I really helped piece together the whole common rail puzzle.

If you’re ever in Mackay again I’d love to do another one.

Watsons Mechanical Services

It is always good to attend a training course where the trainer has real world experience with the subject. It is always easy to tell when someone is just reciting a text book, and it makes the experience less genuine.

Clinton definitely has been there, and done that.

Autoco Phillip

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