Diesel Help Australia

Diesel Help Australia was founded by Clinton Brett, a fifth-generation mechanic and diesel fuel injection specialist who has worked in the industry since 1990 and diagnosed thousands of diesel engine issues.

Clinton identified that with the increasing number of diesel passenger vehicles with fuel systems using advanced technology, workshops were reporting an increasing number of system faults and issues, often wrongly assuming that the problem was electrical when it was, in fact, a fuel system problem. Often the correct diagnosis would not come until a number of attempts had been made to fix the issue, ultimately costing the vehicle owner a fortune.

Clinton's techniques are designed around systematic elimination of different parts of the fuel system without the need to rely on scanning equipment. Whether you are beside the road, in the paddock, or in the workshop, Clinton is a reassuring and knowledgeable voice at the end of the phone helping you work through the problem to find its source. Clinton has helped customers find issues within minutes that have stumped several workshops!

In addition to the phone help service, Clinton has been actively sharing his knowledge with others through his diesel diagnostic courses held in various locations around the country.


Diesel Help Australia has created a Diesel Vehicle Self Assessment Symptoms Record Sheet for customer's to complete to aid vehicle diagnosis. This form can be shared among workshops and mechanics to assist in the successful diagnosis and repair as efficiently and economically as possible. The form can be printed or downloaded and completed electronically -Diesel Vehicle Self Assessment Symptoms Record Sheet v2