Group Training Packages

We provide group training packages for workshops, organisations & groups.

Our base training package to deliver the Ultimate Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics Course for 15 technicians starts at $8200 inc GST in Australia.

We can tailor your training package for light, heavy, earthmoving, agricultural, marine and industrial engines.

Review the content of the Ultimate Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics Course

Book more than one training session for additional savings.

Add on other courses to your package:

  • DPF Diagnosing & Testing
  • EGR Diagnosing & Testing
  • Common Diesel Faults
  • Diesel Service Advisor

These packages enable you to fill up seats with your staff or resell to your clients.

All participants receive a hardcopy booklet and are emailed a certificate of attendance.

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Group Training Feedback

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It is always good to attend a training course where the trainer has real world experience with the subject.

It is always easy to tell when someone is just reciting a text book, and it makes the experience less genuine.

Clinton definitely has been there, and done that.

We are always looking for a course that is practical, will help with accurate diagnosis and promote better workshop practices.

The course material and equipment help with this but it is all tied together by a trainer with obvious expertise and ability to simplify more complex concepts.

This will go a long way to dispelling the processes of guess diagnosing by swapping or replacement.