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Diesel Help Australia are your partners when it comes to ensuring your customer’s diesel can be diagnosed and fixed efficiently as possible – even when other workshops may have given up and passed on the problem. With an increased presence of common rail diesel, it’s only natural that we are seeing an increase in faults. Subsequently, we are seeing technicians who didn’t sign up for diesel, misguided by fault codes that provide no effective diagnostic route. Nothing will spread positive recommendations for your business faster than getting your customer’s vehicle or machine operating quickly without unnecessary expense.

Even when there are no fault codes, Diesel Help Australia’s experienced voices will guide you through a proven process to arrive at the problem and a solution. For members, help is a phone call away and with access to over 250 technical bulletins accompanied by diagnostic videos, you’ll be confident to take on more.

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Training Courses

Not all mechanics signed up for diesel. They experience faults that may take years to develop an effective diagnostic strategy.
Everyone has a unique style of learning, our courses are adaptable to light and heavy industry technicians.

We provide you with an understanding of what you’re diagnosing and why. Combine your strategies with ours for an effective solution.

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