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Customer Field Report Sheet


Diesel Help Australia has created the Customer Field Report Sheet for customer’s to complete to aid vehicle diagnosis. This form can be shared among workshops, mechanics and vehicle owners to assist in the successful diagnosis and repair as efficiently and economically as possible. The form can be printed or downloaded and completed electronically.


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TB1193 – Injector replacement- Avoid the underlying risks

Removing injectors appears to be a simple task yet from our experience, many have been caught out and this bad experience has been costly to the workshop and vehicle owner.
Several issues can arise – the engine wont restart, damaging brand new injectors, engine failure caused by a minor fuel leak under the rocker cover. All these and many more can be avoided by watching this video.

This instructional video refers to the following equipment:

Injector Puller Set for Diesel Injectors DM21-1905
Hire – Mechanics Tool Hire
Purchase – OzWide Tools

Diesel Compression Test Kit DM13-145A
Hire – Mechanics Tool Hire
Purchase – OzWide Tools Part number changed to DM11-A2244

Delphi YDT252 Injector well cleaner

Blanking & Dust Cap Kit

HaynesPro WorkshopData


The following technical bulletins may be relevant during CRD Injector removal and replacement:

TB1072 – Leaking Injector washers damage cylinder head. How to rectify

TB1043 – Relearning SCV after injector replacement

TB1058 – When do you replace injectors? Common rail and non CRD

TB1081 – Delphi injectors- Difficult to start after removing fuel pipes


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