The Eliminator


The Eliminator is a diagnostic kit used to eliminate certain sections of the diesel fuel system to avoid misdiagnosis and replacing the incorrect component.

CLICK HERE to watch The Eliminator in action in the Fuel Pumps & Injectors free taster lesson in the Ultimate CRD Diagnostics Course


Price includes Road Freight within Australia – please be aware kit may take up to 10 days delivery from dispatch depending on destination.


3 available


The Eliminator – testing a diesel fuel system has never be so easy!

The Eliminator is a separate fuel supply that connects to the fuel system in the low pressure section of the vehicle’s fuel system. Fitted with a clear return hose back to the supply, reducing the fuel usage during testing. Using a clear return hose enables you to see if any air is being generated from only the high pressure pump.

Diagnostic equipment designed & developed by Diesel Help Australia. As demonstrated in our common rail diesel diagnostics training courses – time and money will be saved with accurate diagnosis and the right tooling.

The Eliminator contains:

  • 11.3 litre fuel container with breather cap
  • 4 hose clamps
  • 2 brass fittings
  • 1 metre of 10mm ID clear hose
  • 2 metres of 8mm ID clear hose
  • 1 metre of 6mm ID clear hose
  • 1 hand primer bulb

The Eliminator works on most applications – with the exception of the following known vehicles:

Holden Colorado 2010 to current
Holden Captiva 2007 to current
Holden Cruze 2007 to current
Holden Epica 2007 to current
Hyundai i30
Hyundai Santa Fe 2013 to current
BMW diesel range
Landrover Discovery 2016 2.2
Mercedes V6 2008
Mercedes Sprinter 2013 to current
Mercedes Vito fitted with Delphi 2013 to current
Jeep V6 2013 to current
Chrysler Nitro
Chrysler Voyager

Technical bulletin 1109 with operational instructions will be emailed on purchase of the Eliminator.

Diesel Help Members can refer to the following Technical Bulletin: Eliminator instruction video


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