Diesel Service Advisor

Assisting you to confidently explain what is going on with your customer’s diesel

We understand that some service advisors have not experienced working on a diesel. This course aims to provide an outline of the diesel systems’ operation, we have simplified the operation process so that everyone will have a clear understanding of the diesel fuel, intake and exhaust/emissions systems. Your staff will appreciate the value of the important service items to ensure the customer’s vehicle remains reliable. 

The key outcomes of this training are:

  • upskill service advisors, front of office staff, apprentices
  • customer satisfaction and retention
  • upsell of technician’s labour
  • staff retention
  • protecting the long term viability of the workshop


The Diesel Service Advisor course is in video format divided into 5 lessons – check out a lesson for FREE.

Each lesson will end with a series of short questions to consolidate your learning.

A professional development certificate will be generated on completion of this course.

Course expires one month from the date of purchase – weekly email reminders will be sent to each participant.

Enrol a Group of Participants: Allocate a group leader of the group to view participant’s progress and reporting.

Complimentary to Gold & Platinum Diesel Help Members: select Group enrolment to enrol your workshop staff.

Capricorn Orders: require manual processing therefore orders placed outside of business hours may be delayed.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2.5 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Individual Enrolment

SALE $89.00
1 month of access