Diesel Service Advisor

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Welcome to Series 1 of the Diesel Service Advisor online training.

Our training will assist you, the service advisor and front of office staff, to confidently explain what is going on with your customer’s diesel. 

We understand that some front of office staff have not experienced working on a diesel so the course aims to provide an outline of the diesel systems’ operation. We have simplified the operation process so that everyone will have a clearer understanding of the diesel fuel, intake and exhaust/emissions systems. Your staff will appreciate the value of the important service items to ensure the customer’s vehicle remains reliable. 

The key outcomes of this training are:

  • upskill service advisors and front of office staff
  • customer satisfaction and retention
  • upsell of technician’s labour
  • staff retention
  • protecting the long term viability of the workshop


The Diesel Service Advisor course is in video format divided into 5 lessons.

Each lesson will end with a series of short questions to consolidate your learning.

A professional development certificate will be generated on completion of this course.

Capricorn Orders: require a manual credit check therefore processing may be delayed.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2.5 hours

Difficulty: Beginner

Need to enrol more than one staff member? click here to Enquire

Diesel Service Advisor

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