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TB1087- DPF Diagnosis & Testing

Models: Engine applications fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Symptoms: DPF fault codes present, DPF light illuminating or flashing, vehicle experiencing performance issues.

Failure/Issue: Inability to clear DPF and related fault codes, performing DPF regenerations, misunderstanding of the DPF system and the diesel engine operation. Excessive and unnecessary DPF forced regenerations can cause additional soot and ash to remain trapped in the DPF. These particles grow and agglomerate and result in complete failure of the DPF.

For more information download technical bulletin and refer to the videos below

TB1087- DPF Diagnosis & Testing

Instructional video 1 – Mitsubishi 4N15 DPF differential pressure sensor failure

Instructional video 2 – Testing for oil dilution – diesel fuel in the oil

For further information on DPF diagnosis please also refer to the DPF Diagnosis & Testing webinar and the DPF & Turbo Boost Test Kit.


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