Success Stories

We have collected hundreds (maybe thousands) of success stories, whether they were faults that were diagnosed quickly over the phone, or members who have been able to expand the diesel diagnostics side of their automotive business with our help.

Here are just a few of those stories...

Hi Clinton, I would personally like to thank you for the training you have provided to my technicians; it has been invaluable. Your independent training on top of factory training gives us a broader knowledge of all systems in newer diesel vehicles, as well as some of the older models that are experiencing unusual problems now. I also find it helpful that I can contact you at any time.

Grey Pover
Barry Maney Group

Clinton has helped us diagnose issues on CRD systems on many occasions and his understanding and knowledge is a great asset to have in your tool box. We have also purchased testing equipment to make the job easier. He has a connection kit and a remote fuel tank that we use and can save an enormous amount of time when trying to locate the cause of issues. Highly recommend the use of his service.

Andrew Slabosz
Mechanics 2 U

After wasting valuable hours on this ute, we were still stumped at what the cause of failing to start and run were. While we did not have extensive diesel experience, we still knew it could only be ignition, air or fuel issues yet we could not isolate and identify the cause. We were extremely lucky to be put in contact with Clinton Brett who gave advice on diagnosis that was simple, clear and hugely beneficial. Once we carried out the tests as per his ,advice the cause was immediately detected and we were able to order the parts required. As soon as we fitted the new parts the engine sprung to life (much to the delight of the frustrated technician who had battled with the diagnosis). I was so impressed with Clinton's knowledge and customer service I would have no hesitation in recommending him; his knowledge is hugely beneficial.

Sean Boyd
Grant Ward Nissan

I have had the opportunity to host a common rail diesel training course conducted by Clinton Brett from Diesel Help Australia. The course was split into two parts; the theory section was very informative and the notes supplied were comprehensive. The second part of the course was hands-on in the workshop, giving us the opportunity to put what we learned into practice. Clinton has some very basic and simple ideas which help diagnose common rail diesel faults in a systematic process without making things too complicated.

I would recommend Clinton and his services to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge to grow their business.

Brett Kirkland
UltraTune Rockhampton

My staff and I attended Clinton Brett's diesel training course. We were very happy with the delivery, content and confidence this training brought into our workshop when dealing with modern diesel vehicles. Clinton dispelled many myths regarding common rail diesel fuel system operation and fault diagnosis.

We highly recommend this course to workshops looking to expand their diesel skills and knowledge.

Peter Semrad
Harry's Auto Care

Clinton Brett performed his diesel training course at our workshop in Townsville and all our staff thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. Clinton is a very likable person and his presentation and training on common rail diesel is something that I will remember. He was very willing to answer questions about different types of common rail set ups and was very well informed about the current diesel problems.

Technicians that are willing to listen will take a lot out of the training that Clinton performs. It will also give them confidence in performing diagnosis procedures on common rail diesel motors.

Vishal Singh
BIPS Automotive Service Centre

I have attended a diesel training course conducted by Clinton held earlier this year. I found it informative and understand that he has a comprehensive knowledge of diesel engines including the faults occurring in common rail diesels.

Robert Chapman
Chapman's Auto Repairs Pty Ltd

I would like to thank you once again for your continued support & advise, I have found it invaluable for a few "curly" problems. I would not hesitate to recommend others to attend your courses. The method of presentation & the information gleaned from your class was easy to absorb, your ability to relate to a general workshop environment was refreshing & the course notes are a good reference.

Denton Christie
European Autocare

I am writing to pass along my immense appreciation for your friendly assistance and helpful advice which you kindly provided  to myself and company staff at our Sandgate workshop. Your knowledge and experience in relation to the current common rail diesel engine is exceptional.

As a result of the training, Phillips Automotive is now able to include the repair of current common rail diesel engines as a part of our list of services, consequently enhancing and increasing not only mechanical skills, but also business trading. Previously, it was too difficult to assist with diesel engine faults due to the complexity of the new common rail design; since the training, staff are able to quickly diagnose and repair common diesel engines assertively and efficiently.

Paul Phillips
Design Engineer

I've known Clinton Brett for approximately 3 years now. We have hosted and attended training courses supplied by Clinton and have learned imperative knowledge from these days. His knowledge in diesel engines and diagnoses skills are spot on.

We have used his services on numerous occasions and he has added exceptional value to our business. His willingness to help and source parts at reasonable prices are outstanding. I would/have recommended him to any businesses needing specialist guidance in his field.

Stuart Kaiser
Hycraft Automotive

An enjoyable pair of courses, the first being Air Induction and Exhaust Systems and then Diesel Fuel Injection Systems. I have attended many training courses over my career and they have been very informative, focusing on the technical design and workings of the fuel system components.

Clinton Brett comes from a different training angle. Clinton teaches us to use our own body senses. To observe, smell and touch the engine’s outputs in terms of smoke, heat and sound. This concept, along with measuring technologies of modern tooling, gives a much higher level of competence when diagnosing engine faults, a faster and more accurate diagnosis.

Every technician working on modern vehicles needs to arm themselves with this information, to keep raising the level of expertise, to keep up with ever-growing technology advancements in our industry. Well done Clinton.

Alan Marsh
Gunnedah Diesel Service

I would just like to say THANK YOU very much to Clinton for such a knowledgeable and detailed explanation of the common rail system and diagnostic procedures.
I can not thank Clinton enough for making the CRD system transparent and comprehensible.
Thank you.
Joel O'Toole   
O'Tooles Automotive