Turbo Boost Test Kit

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Diagnosing turbo faults and failures can be difficult without accurate data. This diagnostic kit is used to confirm the turbo boost pressure, also known as Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP). By using an analogue gauge, the technician can clarify and compare the results to the electronic data being viewed on the scan tool.

MAP sensors are a vulnerable component which are exposed to extreme conditions including high temperatures, condensation, oil, carbon, dust, and vibration. This can damage the MAP sensor triggering fault codes resulting in performance issues or derating the engine. 

This tool prevents misdiagnosis or unnecessary replacement of components.  

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The Turbo Boost Test Kit is designed & developed by Diesel Help Australia

Use this test when turbo, boost, EGR, MAP sensor or other air intake fault codes are present, or when the vehicle is experiencing performance issues.  

The test kit is in a convenient storage case with foam padding and includes: 

    • Liquid filled analogue gauge with a range of 0 to 400kPa (0 to 58psi)
    • MAP adaptor developed by Diesel Help Australia – includes 2 outlet options
    • A securing bolt
    • One spare o-ring 

    Additional parts required – not included

        • Min. 3 metres of 2.5 – 3mm ID rubber vacuum or silicon hose 
        • Cable ties for temporary securing of gauges 

On purchasing you will receive an email with installation instructions and link to the above instructional video.

If you would like to include the DPF Test Gauge with your kit you can purchase the full kit by clicking here


If you require any further diesel diagnostic assistance join our over the phone support service Diesel Help – we have three levels of membership to suit your workshop’s needs. 





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Weight 0.79 kg
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 5 cm

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