The Pump Room

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Clinton will present a section from his latest training course

Thursday 30 May 7PM to 8:30PM

The Pump Room is a monthly webinar for Diesel Help Members


What is . . . THE PUMP ROOM?

A monthly member’s webinar commencing on Thursday 30 May at 7:00pm AEST (Brisbane time)

Start time for other locations:
NZST New Zealand 9:00pm
AEST Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney 7:00pm 
ACST Adelaide & Darwin 6:30pm 
AWST Perth 5:00pm

Clinton Brett has developed this course to assist technicians adapt a successful diagnostics strategy for common rail diesel fuel control valve faults.

Fuel control valves are vital components in which manufacturers use to operate the modern diesel engine. Previously, mechanical fuel injection pumps controlled the fuel delivery, pressure, and timing of the fuel being injected. Today, the CRD engine computer communicates to individual control valves fitted to pumps, rails, and injectors to control the outcome.

Dependent of the OEM’s objective, the fuel system can vary between manufacturers Bosch, Continental, Delphi, and Denso, therefore it is important to understand each unique design and operation before beginning your diagnostics pathway.

We will cover:

An explanation of the function, operation, common faults and diagnostic testing of control valves and how they differentiate in the hydraulic fuel circuit. It will enable technicians to adapt the testing strategies provided or create their own unique method.

Fuel Rails
• Fuel pressure limiting valve
• Fuel pressure control valve
• Fuel flow damper/Differential flow valves (AG/Earth/Heavy/Plant and machinery)

Fuel Pumps
• Inlet Metering Valve
• Fuel Control Valve
• Fuel Metering Valve
• Suction Control Valve
• Pressure Control Valve


The Pump Room is a place where you get to meet other Diesel Help members and learn a little bit about them, because one day you may need their help.

Many of your customers like to travel and sometimes things don’t always go accordingly to plan. Wouldn’t it be great to know other diesel specialists you could refer to in their time of need?

This will be a member only place where you can speak on the open mic and chat about everything automotive with some fun along the way.

Everyone will get the opportunity to introduce themselves, workshop and location.

Topics for discussion:

  • Case study- Submit a job upon opening of the room and Clinton will provide input. If more than one case is submitted, we spin the wheel
  • Do you have a suggestion? Be the first to raise your hand and give it a go
  • Let us know of a recent diagnostic equipment purchase
  • Scan tools tips for diesels
  • MacGyvers- Diagnostic tips or new strategies you have found beneficial
  • Google mechanics- workshop data you have found useful
  • Things customers do or say

Suggestions/requests/general chat


* If you wish to register member’s of your team to view at home, you can share the link we email to you with them.

We will be utilising Microsoft Teams for this meeting, we will send you an email with a link on ordering, plus a reminder one week and one day prior.

If you need any assistance with the online booking please call the office (+61) 07 4348 3756.


Additional information

Delivery & Cancellation

On registering for The Pump Room, an email with a link to the Teams Meeting will be manually sent from Admin during office hours.
A further reminder will be emailed one week and on the day of the schedulled event.

The Pump Room is comlimentary for Diesel Help Members and their employees only. Anyone not identifying themselves will be removed from the Team Meeting.

On the morning of the schedulled event, should there not be a minimim of number members registered for The Pump Room we will cancel and notify each registrant.

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