DPF Test Kit

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The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) uses sensors to monitor its status to ensure it is operating correctly. When conditions are not met, the computer informs the operator with a DPF warning lamp.

One of these sensors monitor differential exhaust pressure before and after the DPF filter. The sensor is exposed to extreme elements including heat, carbon and condensation. This may lead to a failure of the differential pressure sensor by sending false data to the ECU. This can trigger DPF related fault codes which can result in the unnecessary replacement of the DPF.

To avoid misdiagnosis and confirm the system is operating within specification, connecting an analogue gauge with the differential pressure sensor will provide an accurate reading.

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The DPF Test Kit is designed & developed by Diesel Help Australia

Use this test when a DPF fault or related codes are present, DPF light illuminating or flashing, the vehicle is experiencing performance issues.

The test kit is in a convenient storage case with foam padding and includes: 

    • Liquid filled analogue gauge with a range of 0 to 60kPa (0 to 8.7psi)
    • Brass barbed T fitting

Additional parts required – not included

        • Min. 3 metres of 8mm ID fuel/oil grade rubber hose 
        • Cable ties for temporary securing of gauges

The below video shows the DPF test in action

Technical bulletin TB1087 – DPF forced regeneration not required with operational instructions will be emailed on purchase of the test kit.

If you would like to include the Turbo Boost Test Gauge & Adaptor with your kit you can purchase the full kit by clicking here

Diesel Help Members can also access the DPFs Diagnosing & Testing complimentary online training.

Non-members can purchase 7 day access to the training session on DPFs Diagnosing & Testing.

If you require any further diesel diagnostic assistance join our over the phone support service Diesel Help – we have three levels of membership to suit your workshop’s needs.


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