Delphi YDT252 Injector well cleaner

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Cleaning tool for washer seats in injector wells of the cylinder head.

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YDT252 Injector well cleaner

When removing injectors for any reason, it is important to replace the injector seat washer, bolt and ensure the sealing surface is thoroughly cleaned before installing the injector.

If the surface is not clean and free of debris, the injector will not seal, thus causing a leak. We recommend using a non intrusive cleaner YDT252.

Only remove the carbon and debris, not the metal seat itself. Removing any metal will change the combustion characteristics of the common rail diesel engine.

Watch our instructional video: TB1193 – Injector replacement- Avoid the underlying risks

Tip: When re-installing old injectors, inspect the cap nut sealing area of the nozzle for poor combustion erosion. If there is any doubt of its condition, replace the injector to further damage.

audi injectors washer failure

We are an approved reseller for Delphi Technologies now a brand of BorgWarner Inc.

Find out more about why cutting a seat is not recommended and how to diagnose this fault in the Ultimate Common Rail Diesel Diagnostic Online Course.

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