Blanking & Stop Cap Kit


350 blanking and stop caps

7 different sizes – 50 of each 

It is imperative to use blanking & stop caps when working on any diesel as the smallest of dust can very quickly destroy fuel systems.

2 available


Blanking & Stop Cap Kit

7 different sizes – 50 of each – total 350 blanking stop caps

For measurements of each cap click on the above sizes – you will be taken to the individual item sale page.

These caps will fit snugly without cracking or splitting – made of tough, flexible vinyl, we suggest an undersized diameter for a tight fit.

The 8mm Tapered Plug has the versatility to be used as a plug or a cap – the tapered design goes on easily and stays put. Material is low density polyethylene (LDPE).

We recommend blanking stop caps & end plugs to minimise unnecessary expose to air, moisture and contaminants when working on diesel systems.

colours may vary dependent on stock

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