Joining The Partners Program

Diesel Help Australia - Helping your exposure to the trade 

Diesel Help Australia is recognized as one of Australia’s leading diesel diagnostics specialists. Our membership is growing weekly with over 200 paid automotive workshops accessing our services daily. We invite you to join us in providing quality services and/or products related to the diesel repair sector.

Whether it's during a diagnostics, a quick referral or a FAQ on a replacement product or service is required, your business will be our preferred referral. 

Potential DIESEL partners will be offered a range of packages suitable for all budgets, including advertising on our training booklets both online and hard copies which are distributed in every course. Your business also has the opportunity to purchase a group training package for you to resell to your clients and potentially new clients. All partners are advertised on our website, social media including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and mentioned in our monthly member’s newsletters. You even get mentioned at all our gigs and invited to promote live to our audiences.

DIESEL partner opportunities:

  • DPF and induction system cleaning service
  • Components including exhaust systems/DPF’s & intercoolers
  • Aftermarket accessories supplier-Suspension and performance services and products
  • Common rail diesel components supplier
  • Other business training suppliers
  • Equipment provider- Diagnostics and special tooling


Find out more about becoming a partner and supplying to one of Australia’s largest growing diesel networks. For more information email us with an outline of what opportunities your business can offer.

A more in-depth explanation of package pricing options will be made available on application.