EGR Diagnostics & Testing

Often mistakes are made when diagnosing diesel emission fault codes
containing the abbreviation EGR

This 1.6 hour recorded webinar was delivered live to The Garage Network.

To avoid misdiagnosis and unnecessary parts replacement, Clinton Brett will explain how the EGR system operates and his interesting analogy of the EGR air intake in the modern diesel engine.

Once you have accepted that not everything requires a computer to diagnose, this training will prove valuable for your workshops future EGR diagnostics and repairs.

This course will cover:

  • Explanation of common rail diesel induction system operation
  • Explanation of EGR system operation & characteristics
  • Identify EGR components & their location on the engine
  • Repair & diagnostic solutions for EGR systems
  • Vacuum systems & EGRs- Case study Hilux 1KDFTV starts & stalls
  • Explanation 5 x EGR related Technical Bulletins: BMW X1, Peugeot, Mazda CX5, Toyota Hiace & Ford Ranger PX2


Downloadable booklet & professional development certificate.

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Clinton Brett

Automotive Education Excellence Award 2024

Meet your instructor Clinton Brett

Diesel Help Australia’s training courses are designed and delivered by Clinton, who is well known in the automotive industry as one of the best in Australia for diesel diagnostics, particularly of common rail diesel systems.

This year we were awarded the inaugural Automotive Education Excellence Award at Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo.

Clinton is providing training for Australian TAFEs & New Zealand Polytechs and is also a technical writer for five automotive publications. Clinton is the diesel presenter for the VASA’s Conference Wire & Gas 2024.

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Estimated Time: 1.6 hour

Difficulty: Advanced

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