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Is it ok to make my diesel go faster?

Clinton Brett

Read Clinton’s advice for Diesel Vehicle Owner’s:

It’s not unusual to go from driving a petrol combustion engine car to driving a diesel car and feel like you have just bought an underpowered vehicle. People who have owned diesels since their existence would not agree, as there has been a significant improvement since the first Gemini diesel car was released in Australia back in the 80s.

For some, the power is not enough, or they could gain even better economy, so they seek avenues to increase the power output of their newly acquired diesel.

This is ok, but just be warned, there are plenty of the tuners about who claim to be the best. Anyone can reprogram a vehicles computer, but do they have adequate experience on diesels to unleash significant power, without damaging the engine? Yes there is a strong possibility engine damage can result when pushing the engine past the manufacturer specifications.

There’s room for upgrades, just don’t expect a diesel to perform like a petrol engine car.

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Diesel Vehicle Owner's Advice - Is it ok to make my diesel go faster?


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