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What happens if I put petrol into my diesel vehicle?

Clinton Brett

Read Clinton’s advice for Diesel Vehicle Owner’s:

Petrol in diesel – it’s a mistake some diesel owners do make and, in the 90’s, a problem we’d see weekly.

Today, it’s even more common thanks in part to Australia’s love for diesels.
Petrol is contamination in a diesel fuel system and there is no sure way to tell what the internal damage is unless you have x-ray vision.

The result, however, can be catastrophic.

It can lead to the destruction of the fuel system or the engine and there is even the potential to result in a fatal accident.

In my 30-year career, I’ve witnessed failures that have resulted in court cases 12 months after the incident initially occurred.

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Diesel Vehicle Owner's Advice - What happens if I put petrol into my diesel vehicle?


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