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Common diesel faults and repairs

Clinton Brett

Read Clinton’s advice for Diesel Vehicle Owner’s:

If you Google a fault code and check the engine light in search of a common problem relevant to your car, you are likely to find the answer—well, a hundred or more answers. So how do you determine if it’s a common fault?

It’s taken 10 years to create a diesel-only technical bulletin library, but it took 40 years of diesel experience to determine what was a common fault and what was human intervention. From the expanding 230 files, our bulletins contain common faults ranging from specific manufacturer flaws to previous work carried out by owners and qualified mechanics, including, but not limited to, service, maintenance, adjustments, upgrades, modifications, or misdiagnosis that has involved replacing a part.

Download the full article for a list of common faults on diesels that are not specific to a manufacturer, more so the individual systems.

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Diesel Vehicle Owner's Advice - Common diesel faults and repairs


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