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I’m told diesels are fuel efficient. Is this true and why?

Clinton Brett

Read Clinton’s advice for Diesel Vehicle Owner’s:

Yes, the diesel engine is a more fuel-efficient engine than petrol.

They have been since the introduction of the diesel engine in the early 1900s.

They were not as popular as they are now because in the past diesels were less appealing to the average passenger car owner due to their ‘ugliness’ in body design, noisy engines and their performance was not everyone’s cup of coffee (I’m not a tea drinker!).

Diesels were designed to carry heavy loads, not the school drop-off. In this article, I am referring to fuel efficiency, not economy. Economy depends on where you fill up your tank, and how you drive and service your diesel.

One of my recent articles concerned the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). Amongst other important service items for diesels, the DPF does need attention and ignoring my advice about maintaining your DPF means your diesel will become very uneconomical and less efficient.

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I’m told diesels are fuel efficient. Is this true and why?


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