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DPF Cleaning with Tunap

It’s rare the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is the actual cause of a DPF fault. When regeneration conditions are not met, the root of the cause could be several factors. We have a range of DPF related technical bulletins to assist members and for the difficult jobs, they call upon us for diagnostics help. Once we have confirmed the cause, and we are not able to reduce the DPF pressure with a passive regen we need to determine whether to invest more time removing or save time and money and by leaving the DPF in place and conduct our own clean.

In our industry it’s rare to find a chemical company who is environmentally conscious. Tunap Australia approached us to test their products because they agree with Diesel Help Australia’s mission statement- Through our commitment to quality, ceaseless innovation and respect for the planet, we are driven to help your business succeed. Tunap has proven there is a user friendly chemical that is also safe for the engine. Those who know me, are aware I do not condone the use of products or procedures that have the potential to damage the engines. This is a product I proudly support.

DPF & Turbo Test Kit

Tunap 931 Particulate Filter Cleaner and accessories